Smoke sauna & Puuko’s shack

Next to the pond in the farmyard on Padasoo Hill is a traditional smoke sauna that’s open to visitors all year round. Heating the sauna takes up to eight hours, and once it’s hot we vent the excess smoke and then invite everyone in. For the most authentic experience, you can take a dip in the pond or run around the farmyard barefoot to cool off between visits to the sauna. In winter we drill a hole in the ice- covered pond for you to jump into.

A smoke sauna is a very healing place for mind and body alike! That’s why everyone who visits one is so open-minded and agreeable.

Puuko tare suitsusaun

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Smoke sauna hire (incl. heating): 120 €



Here groups of up to 20 people can enjoy a sauna party together.

Puuko’s shack hire: €40 per hour/€160 for the day