Pokuland theme park

Pokuland is based on the characters and settings popularised by the renowned Estonian artist and author Edgar Valter in his children’s book Pokuraamat, in which he tells the story of the Pokus – childlike creatures resembling the grass mounds characteristically found in the bogs of south-eastern Estonia. The theme park comprises three main areas: Poku Hall, Padasoo Hill with its collection of old buildings and Hauka Farm.

Poku Hall houses a collection of Valter’s works – illustrations from his Poku books; dolls and puppets modelled on his creations; and the artist’s oil paintings – and a number of exhibitions.

The hall boasts a unique interior design featuring swathes of timber.

Poku Hall hosts performances, concerts and more, the details of which can be found on the Events page.

The shack on Padasoo Hill belonging to Puuko, a great nature lover and friend to the Pokus, is every inch a home from the early 1900s. Behind it, pigs and cows soak up the sun while chickens go about their business. You can make use of the smoke sauna here upon prior arrangement. Lining the forest trails you’ll find wooden sculptures and landscape art.

Five trails wind their way through the forests of Pokuland. A nature trail showcasing environmentally friendly forest management starts right behind Poku Hall. Estonia’s very first selection forest (a forest in which trees of all age classes are represented) was established here in spring 2019. The Pokuland app will guide you along the trail and explain what you see around you.

The illustrations on the trail markers are by Edgar Valter himself.

On Hauka Farm you can have a go on the traditional village swing, while in the timber tepee you can simply mull over your thoughts, or you can enjoy a picnic beside it with friends and family. Here you’ll also find a viewing tower, and there’s a privy hidden among the bushes, too. Everything in Pokuland was built to Edgar Valter’s designs.

Opposite you can see Valter’s vision for Pokuland, which we’re steadily working towards!